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Flyer para el Streaming desde la Carcel Distrital: 17 Feb. 2012 – Streaming in live from carcel distrital in Bogota – BOGOTRAX 2012

Carcel Distrital Bogotá: Workshop de bricolaje video with overheadprojector in the carcel distrital of Bogota D.C…..a part of BOGOTRAX 2012…. coming soon!!

proposal affiche 2012 – bogotrax – el principio del fin – 16-26 feb.

Project proposal for the old lunapark in Berlin Treptow…. not choosen!!
let us surprise in june:

Circus Charivari in Neukoelln: das VIVARIUM !!!!!

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fraichement fini – HERE WE GO !

missing the circus life… j’attends de partir vers l’iran!

Cercle des Arts et Sciences Fiction PORCOPOLIS
Festival International des Arts de la Rue, Aurillac
Parking Jules Ferry, 17, 18 & 19 Aout 2011
Lightdesign, projections & “mise en espace”

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on the way of our imaginary highway

ignore the hai on the spree

the circus’s gone

but we can follow its smell….

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